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beaded necklace bead embroidery

Vintage Inspired Beaded Necklace

Working with seed beads creating handcrafted beaded jewelry has a rich history. While I’ve created a whole host of different styles of jewelry, I’ve just recently discovered my love for seed beads.  Seed beads give handmade beaded necklaces and earrings so many options for colors, styles and textures!  From metallic to matte, the finishes are endless and can literally be an open palette for artisans.

Over the last year, I’ve seen numerous pieces of handcrafted beaded jewelry that made me drool.  Not only did the pieces feature beautiful mixes of seed beads, but they blended pearls, gemstones and crystals to create truly one of a kind designs that nobody can duplicate.  The handmade beaded bracelets reminded me of how a painter starts with a blank canvas and several hours and a palette of color later reveals a masterpiece that takes people’s breath away.

After doing some research, I learned that the particular style of beaded jewelry I had been admired was created using a technique called bead embroidery.

My search for knowledge started with a video on Youtube, but quickly led me to looking for books on Amazon.  There were a few available but one jumped at me when I was able to look inside.  The way that the authors (yes there are two) instructed in different techniques and stitches, but also the pieces they

share for inspiration and to help teach the technique just spoke to me.  When the package arrived, I dug in immediately and confirmed my original thoughts!  The Art of Bead Embroidery is exactly what I needed to help me get started creating one of a kind pieces of art jewelry.

With an eye for color, some creativity and an inspirational spark designing custom beaded jewelry with bead embroidery is so fulfilling!  It really allows me to bring the personality of the customer into a one of a kind piece that will really cause people to say “WOW!”

Bead Embroidery Necklace

Black & Silver Beaded Necklace

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