Beaded Dreams Collection

From my heart to my fingertips, Designs by Dawn Marie’s bead embroidery jewelry feeds the creative soul.

bead embroidered necklace Carnival

"Carnival" - Available for Sale

Bead Embroidery Jewelry is an artform that takes patience, vision and a passion for beauty.  To create one-of-a-kind bead embroidery jewelry, beads are sewn to a stiff backing using a needle and thread.  The size of the seed beads and gemstones determine the thickness of beading thread that is needed.  With Bead Embroidery, jewelry can be created to fit any personality, any color palette, any size and any shape.

The Beaded Dreams Collection came to fruition as a result of searching for and finding my passion.

turquoise bead embroidered cuff bracelet

"Painted Desert" Custom Beaded Cuff Bracelet

I’ve been designing jewelry for years and created various styles. However, when I began using tiny seed beads and creating small works of art, a light inside me began to shine brighter. The more pieces I created, the more I began to realize my dreams. So for me, Beaded Dreams is the shining star on top of a winding road of learning, growing and now creating my destiny.

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I love creating pieces that belong to it. Each piece represents many hours of hand-stitched beading, using the finest beads, gemstones and pearls. Every design is one of a kind and is a reflection of my spirit and my soul.  Creating these pieces is a true joy.  If you would like to have a piece of bead embroidery jewelry created especially for you or as a gift for someone you love, you’re welcome to contact me.


I appreciate your inquiry about my Beaded Dreams Collection!   I look forward to sharing the beauty of my heirloom bead embroidery jewelry with you! ~Designs by Dawn Marie

bead embroidered necklace

"Be Yourself" Donated to Geneva Lakes Womens Association Silent Auction

turquoise bead embroidery necklace

Chitralekah - Beautiful as a Picture

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