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Long Beaded Jewelry Necklaces Are HOT

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Beaded Jewelry Necklaces

27" Long Triple-Strand Beaded Necklace

Layering is a hot trend regardless of if you’re speaking about clothing or jewelry. Right now you’ll see people layering various lengths and styles of beaded jewelry necklaces to get a completely unique look.  You’ll see gold, silver and copper chain mixed in with silver or black beaded necklaces and the occasional focal pieces of glass or unique metalwork.

People also look for longer necklaces as they head into fall. The reason for this – as the weather gets cooler, out of storage come the sweaters and bulkier tops.  All of a sudden chokers will be hidden by turtlenecks.  So people tend to like longer necklaces and earrings for fall and winter months.

Popular colors for the fall and winter months are silver, black, copper, brown, and all shades of jewel tones. Turquoise blue, eggplant purple, deep fuchsia, emerald green are all shades you start seeing in clothing and jewelry as the summer cloths come off the store shelves and fall fashions make their appearance.

What’s your favorite piece of fall jewelry?  Do you wear the long beaded jewelry necklaces in layers or just a single chain?  As a designer I also get custom orders for long pearl necklaces.  Pearls and handmade lampwork glass beads are very popular in longer styles because you can really showcase a complimentary color palette or a single, large glass pendant with intricate details.  Either way, the most important tip I can share with you is to OWN your style.  Wearing a piece of custom made jewelry assures you that 1.  You’re the only one with that exact style and 2. It is a symbol of your personality and style.

Like this style?  It’s available in my store with the matching dangle earrings! If you want something custom designed, please contact me and I would be happy to work with your ideas and needs to create a one of a kind piece of custom made jewelry for you.

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Jewelry for Bridesmaids

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Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry

Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Choosing the Jewelry for Bridesmaids is just one of the daunting tasks a bride has on her “To Do” list in preparation for her wedding.  Often, this is a decision that the groom politely passes on to the bride saying “I trust you honey.  Get what you like for the bridesmaids.”  Thus leaving the bride to choose – pearls, crystals, both or something totally different?

What we are seeing in jewelry for bridesmaids today is a combination of both crystals and pearls.  Pearls are no longer “your mother’s jewelry.”  The reason they’ve gained popularity again is because of the vast array of colors they are available in.  Freshwater pearls are dyeable  and they come in a variety of shapes.  Do you want them perfectly round or would you like them oblong like rice?  Would you like traditional white or would you like Flamingo Pink to match your gowns?

Using Swarovski Crystal remains the other really popular style of jewelry for bridesmaids.  By choosing the popular Austrian Crystal, the options for colors are wide open.  Swarovski crystal bridesmaid jewelry adds a ton of sparkle to the dresses, and allows the jewelry to really be customized for each attendant.

Crystal & Pearl Jewelry for Bridesmaids

Crystal & Pearl Jewelry for Bridesmaids

So whether the bride and groom choose crystal bridesmaid jewelry or another style of jewelry for their bridesmaids, one thing is certain – having something custom made especially for your attendants will make a memorable gift.

If you are getting married and would like custom designed jewelry for your bridesmaids, please feel free to contact Dawn using the “Contact” page above.  Dawn will work with your color palette, design preferences and budget to create one of a kind jewelry for bridesmaids.

Affordable Bridal Jewelry

Complete set of Swarovski Jewelry for Bridesmaids

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Working with Gemstones

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Wire Wrapped Necklace

Black Onyx Pendant on Wire-Wrapped Beaded Necklace

I love using gemstones, minerals, things born in nature.  Often times I mix gemstones with various beads or wire to create really unique looks.  Because each piece of custom made jewelry is one of a kind, marrying beads with gemstones which are also one of a kind is the perfect blend of natural with embellished!

Many people don’t realize that gemstones don’t have to be the faceted variety that you find set in earrings, pendants, rings and fine jewelry.  In the world of handmade beaded jewelry, I’ve worked with amethyst, peridot, garnet, turquoise, amber, smoky quartz, black onyx, lapis lazuli, jasper, carnelian, citrine and so many more.

Pearls are also abundant in custom beaded jewelry.  Some are the perfectly round pearls like those you would see on an add-a-pearl necklace.  However, fresh-water pearls are extremely popular.  They come in a variety of shapes – from oblong shapes called “rice” pearls, to flattened round shapes (also known as potato pearls).  The beauty of working with freshwater pearls is that they also come in a complete rainbow of colors thanks to dye!

Right now, it’s very popular to mix mediums.  Whether mixing gemstones with crystals or pearls, or mixing pewter with silver or gold metals – either way, people are experimenting and having fun with new, one-of-a-kind handmade beaded jewelry designs.  Half of the fun as an artist is taking someone’s desire or idea, and turning it into a very special piece of custom made jewelry.  That’s pure beaded joy!

Smokey Topaz Mother Of Pearl Necklace

Smoky Topaz & Mother Of Pearl Necklace Set

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The Before Picture

Recently I was asked if I could design handmade beaded necklaces or bracelets from a strand of seashell’s that was a souvenir from a great trip to Kauai.  I was given free reign to use the seashells however I saw fit to create the perfect combination of handmade beaded necklaces.

I love a challenge and I eagerly accepted.  Upon receive the seashells in the mail, I pondered just what I could do with them.  I could see, working with seashells would require a steady hand, something pliable for a stringing material (because seashells are quite brittle) and a flash of color to bring this old souvenir up to current style.  After much pondering I had my “Ah ha” moment and the mental picture for the perfect handmade beaded necklaces was born!

I found a great painted abalone shell pendant.  It was a large, bold pendant, so I knew the necklace would need to be multiple strands.  I also knew this bold, bright necklace would require matching earrings and a bracelet.  After all, I had plenty of seashells.  I wanted to maintain the tropical feel of the seashells, and bring in some common luau colors – so turquoise blue and lime green came to mind.  I found some small glass beads that reminded me of beach glass, some pearls, some Mother of Pearl beads and I was all set.

After - Handmade Beaded Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet

Here’s the finished handmade beaded necklace that I designed.  I duplicated the multi-strand feel in the bracelet and added some adorable small seashells and pearls to make a cute pair of dangle earrings.

I love creating new jewelry from old pieces.  Whether it’s to create a new look, or preserve vintage pieces that belonged to a loved one, creating handmade beaded necklaces and bracelet by “up-cycling” are the best way to look fresh while maintaining affordability.

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