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Whether you are a spring bride, or you’re planning a tropical feeling summer wedding, I want to share with you THE hottest color for 2011! According to several color experts the hottest color for this year is called Honeysuckle! When I originally heard that I thought a soft shade of yellow… but it’s not. Honeysuckle is a vibrant shade of pink! It’s cheery and vivacious! And used right, it’s perfect for a bride or bridesmaid of any age!

So how can a bride pull off such a vibrant color?

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing white, ivory or cream… using pearls or crystals you can create major wow using Honeysuckle.  A simple strand of pearls becomes striking when you add honeysuckle colored crystal.  Add in a matching bracelet, earrings and honeysuckle shoes and you could be on a runway!

For bridesmaids, complimentary colors that really let honeysuckle stand out are black and brown tones.  The popular trend sweeping weddings acrossed the country is to use one color theme for all the attendants dresses, then add crystal bridesmaid jewelry that matches to tie the entire look together.  Because each of your bridesmaids is a different shape, size and comfort level, allowing them to each pick their own style dress will help them to be in their element supporting you at your wedding.

If you’re looking to do a blend of colors for your wedding, honeysuckle pairs well with a Caribbean blue, aqua or sea foam green.  A bouquet of flowers in a variety of color will allow you to have a tropical color pallet without overdoing it.

No matter the age of the bride, your wedding is one of THE most important days of your life.  You should feel happy and overflowing in love.  If you’d like to add a bit of trend to your day, I’d love to talk with you about affordable bridal jewelry or the jewelry for your bridesmaids.  Handcrafted jewelry gives you the flexibility to turn your “dream look” into a reality!

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pearl bridal jewelry

Crystal and Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Recently I was contacted from a bride looking for affordable bridal jewelry. She had been shopping already to several bridal stores and jewelry stores, and she was having a hard time finding the perfect jewelry for her wedding day.  Either the style wasn’t right or when she found something she liked the price tag was well over $400 and more!

After talking with one of her co-workers, she suggested getting in touch with me to see if possibly I could design something that she would like in a price range that fit her budget.  We met in person over a cup of coffee and I took samples of different styles of custom beaded jewelry from pearl bridal jewelry to crystal bridesmaid jewelry – from bracelets to necklaces and earrings.  I took samples of multiple styles so she could really decide exactly what she wanted.  I also took a mirror so she could try on the jewelry and see how different pieces looked on her.

What was wonderful about having a face-to-face meeting was that I could take measurements of her neck and wrist to ensure her wedding jewelry fit PERFECTLY but in addition, she could say “I like this on this necklace, but I like this pendant on this other necklace better.”  So truly I could design all the elements she loved into this set and make sure is was affordable bridal jewelry.

One feature that was really important was that she wanted to be able to wear the jewelry again after her wedding.  We chose to add a splash of color using amethyst crystals to match her bridesmaids dresses.  This small element made a huge impact.  It added versatility and truly made her hand crafted jewelry wearable for years after her wedding is finished.

As a result of our conversations and seeing sample designs of my hand crafted jewelry, this bride was speechless when I delivered her jewelry in person.  Her eyes got misty and she was so surprised.  “It’s even prettier than I imagined!” After days of shopping, she found that getting affordable bridal jewelry custom designed was the perfect solution.  She got Swarovski Crystals and freshwater pearls and didn’t spend even close to $400!

Thank you for trusting me to add some sparkle in one of the most important days of your life.  It’s a privilege and an honor that I just love partaking in!

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Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Angela & Kristin all dressed up!

“The jewelry you made for Kristin’s wedding was gorgeous, everyone was really impressed. Think you got a few more orders coming your way. They looked lovely w/ our dresses! A true talent:)” ~Angela B. Rockford, IL

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Crystal & Pearl Bridal Jewelry

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Affordable Bridal Jewelry

Jet Crystal with White Opal, Rose, Fuchsia and Jet Swarovski Bicone Crystals

Do you prefer crystal or pearl bridal jewelery… or both? Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. One of the strongest symbols of marriage is jewelry… of course shown by wearing your wedding rings. But that’s not the only jewelry that plays an important part in your special day. If you’re planning a wedding and have attendants that are standing up for you and witnessing your special ceremony, a piece of custom designed jewelry is the perfect way to show them how much their friendship and love means to you.

It’s quite common for the Bride to give her bridesmaids a gift as a Thank You for participating in the wedding. As the dresses have already been chosen, brides often choose to give the gift of jewelry so the ladies can all look similar and complimentary when they are dressed up in their gowns and getting photos taken at the wedding. It’s also a wonderful memento that your girlfriends can continue to wear long after your wedding has passed that reminds them of how wonderful your wedding was and how much your friendship means to them.

When I’m designing jewelry for bridesmaids, I work closely with the bride to achieve the style and look of jewelry that she wants. Some brides like very bold statement style pieces while other choose to have a simple, pearl or crystal necklace that blends in with the outfit. We discuss your budget, color choices and what options are available.

Affordable Bridal Jewelry is some of the most special jewelry I get pleasure designing because I know, the meaning for giving and the reason for the event is a once in a lifetime that I feel priviledged to be a part of.  If you are planning a wedding and looking for hand crafted jewelry for bridesmaids or yourself, please drop me a line.  I’m happy to talk with you and design a special look just for you and your girls!  Most importantly, Congratulations and I hope your special day is a dream right out of a fairy tale!

A Beautiful Bridesmaid

Austrian Crystal Jewelry for Bridesmaids

Thank you to Audrey & Robert J. for letting me design for your special day.

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