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bead embroidered necklaces

Custom Bead Embroidered Necklace

Bead Embroidered Necklaces start as a blank palette and become individual works of art with each bead that is hand-stitched on!

This purple necklace started as just that, a blank canvas.  The client, Meg, gave me free reign to do whatever my artisan heart desired.  That’s music to an artisan’s ears because often our creativity has a mind of it’s own.  In discussing what Meg wanted, she didn’t have any particulars.  She wasn’t even particular on colors as she wears all colors.

While drawing and designing Meg’s necklace, I was also participating in a design color challenge.  The challenge premise was that if you picked one crayon out of your color box, you can press hard or light to change the shade of the color, but the finished product was to be monochromatic in one single color.  Because it speaks to me, I choose purple.  Meg also said she wore purple so I created a unique bead embroidered necklace that featured the color purple!

This necklace was made in two separate components.  The top component features a purple crazy agate gemstone.  Using several bead embroidery techniques, I hand-stitched a seed bead bezel and embellished with several czech glass beads.  The lower component featured a flat, black goldstone.  Gold stone isn’t really gold.  “Black” is actually a deep purple color with reflective flecks throughout which resemble glitter.  I also used a genuine Amethyst bead to create a graceful curve to the bottom portion of the focal.  Amethyst is a beautiful purple variety of the quartz.  It is also the birthstone of February.  When married with complimenting seed beads I combined the two components to create a light-weight bead embroidered necklace.

Bead embroidery is the art of stitching beads to a base to create a unique design.   By using bead embroidery techniques you can turn nearly any found object into a one-of-a-kind design.  From sea shells and stones to gemstones or glass pieces, nearly anything can be embroidered around to create a stunning work of art.

Having a one of a kind piece of jewelry like this bead embroidered necklace is like starting your personal treasure chest.  Each piece I make is truly original and of the highest quality beads and gemstones.  I pay particular attention to detail to how each piece is finished.  The stitching is uniform and professional.  With bead embroidered jewelry, you should care for it the same way you care for your fine jewelry.  The result is a piece of heirloom jewelry you can pass along to the next generation in your family.

“Well you certainly out did yourself Dawn. The necklaces is just stunning, the pictures are beautiful, but in person it is just beyond gorgeous. Thank you so much, it was so thoughtful of you to do that for me.  You made my day!!!! ” Meg Carter

Made By Meg – Genuine Sea Glass Jewelry
Made By Meg – Capture Jewelry
bead embroidery jewelry

Purple Crazy Agate Bead Embroidered Necklace

Amethyst necklace bead embroidery

Black Goldstone and Amethyst focal

lake geneva wi jewelry artist

Artisan Dawn Doucette - Lake Geneva, WI

Designs by Dawn Marie Specializing in unique, custom jewelry.  She has some finished pieces ready to ship in her online store.  If you would like to had Dawn create something very special just for you, just use the “Contact” page above.  Dawn has a passion for helping put smiles on people’s faces and would love the opportunity to turn your dream into a realistic, tangible piece of bead embroidered jewelry.

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This Bead Embroidered Necklace is Handcrafted in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Bead Embroidered necklace

Eternal Growth - A Bead Embroidered Necklace

pantone spring color cabaret

Cabaret - Pantone Spring 2012 Color

When a challenge is posed, I am always game to step up to the plate.  This month, SoftFlex Beading Wire posted a challenge to create something featuring the Pantone color of the season, Cabaret.  (At first I thought they said CaberNet and I grabbed the wine… alas, I saw the error of my ways and had to clear the wine fog from my head.)  Cabaret is a vibrant shade of pink.  If you married Fuchsia with Hot Pink, Cabaret would be their offspring.  Since I think Pink is one of the happiest colors I was thrilled to create something in this theme.

This bead embroidered necklace started with the abalone shell focal.  It has a dried, pressed flower shellacked on the front of it.  So not only does it have the pop of cabaret, it also has an organic earthy feel.  When I’m creating, I gain a tremendous amount of inspiration from the world around me.  Mother Nature happens to be the best painter in my opinion.

Around the focal I used tiny seed beads that were each hand-stitched.  I brought in more turquoise as well as cabaret-colored freshwater pearls.  I created a free-form fringe that dangles from the bottom.  Each layer of fringe features a coin shaped abalone shell disc.  The movement with the splash of color really makes the natural flower pop on the pendant.

bead embroidered necklace

Eternal Growth Featuring SoftFlex Beading Wire

The necklace chain part of this bead embroidered necklace is created using SoftFlex Beading Wire in Pink Tourmaline shade.  I braided 3 strands of Softflex and added a pop of sparkled with some turquoise Czech fire-polished crystals.  It braided up beautifully and created a sturdy, yet delicate necklace that is the perfect compliment to the pendant.

A Bead Embroidered Necklace is a true work of art, created from the inspiration within the jewelry artisans soul.

I am thrilled with how this piece finished up.  It’s very flirty and feminine and really showcases an asymmetrical design that is quite eye catching.  Everything that I create is original and one-of-a-kind.  If you would like a piece of artistic jewelry created especially for you, contact me and I’d be happy to turn your vision into a beautiful necklace, bracelet or earrings.

dawn doucette designs by dawn marie jewelry artist wi

Dawn Doucette - International Jewelry Artisan


Dawn Doucette is a jewelry artist based out of Southeastern Wisconsin.  She specializes in high quality, custom designed beaded jewelry.  To see more of Dawn’s finished pieces of jewelry, visit her online store.  She has earrings, bracelets and bead embroidered necklaces that are currently available.

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custom beaded necklaceThis customer contacted Designs by Dawn Marie about this stunning custom beaded necklace and sent an asking for a few additional photos and requested to have the length modified if needed.  Dawn e-mailed her the pictures and discussed the options for modifying the necklace.  In communicating with Deedee, she e-mailed this response:

Hi Dawn,  I always like flexibility in jewelry but I would never want to compromise the design.  could you send me a picture of you wearing it before I decide?

and yes, she does wear earrings (pierced).  that’s so generous of you!
I sent [The Husband] a picture and he just loves it because it’s so “her.”  Don’t you just love helping people make someone happy? Smile

After Receiving the Package in the mail Deedee sent this e-mail:

Oh, Dawn!  I just got the necklace and I can hardly believe how beautiful it is!  She’s going to LOVE it!  My husband just loves it too.  The earrings are perfect.  Thank you so much for including them and your nice note to [my friend] and your sweet note to me. Smile

I’m happy to have you as an internet friend!  I’ll be back in touch.
Have the Happiest Thanksgiving and the Merriest Christmas!

jewelry artist wisconsin

Dawn Doucette, Artisan Jewelry Designer

Dawn Doucette is an artisan jewelry designer located in Southeastern Wisconsin.  While her designs are worn around the globe including Australia, Canada, the UK and Guam, she really enjoys being able to make women feel special.  Wearing a piece of custom designed jewelry is a very special gift.  Dawn aims to bring the personality of the recipient into each piece of custom beaded jewelry she creates.  Contact Dawn if you would like to custom order a piece of artisan jewelry.  You can also visit her online store to see the artisan jewelry she’s created that is ready for sale.

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custom beaded jewelryTo create a piece of custom beaded jewelry that reaches into someone’s soul and truly moves them is the most rewarding feedback an artisan can receive.

“OMG!! OMG!! It is so stunning!! I can not even tell you how much I love it..the rose, the key, the beading it is all exquisite!! I think it is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen and for sure the most beautiful I will ever is to be an heirloom for sure!! One day my grand daughter will so treasure this…I am in tears..this comes at a point that I so need something beautiful too..I can not ever thank you enough. Oh the do like lobster claw, it sometimes seems easier for to close.

Thanks so much once are so precious!!” ~Gen

But Gen wanted to share her delight with the world.  Gen blogged about this one of a kind bead embroidered necklace with the followers of her blog.


As an artisan, Dawn designs her custom beaded jewelry to blend beauty with the personality of the recipient.  Each of Dawn’s designs are truly one-of-a-kind.  In this necklace, Dawn spent time communicating with Genelle to get to know her and find out what her style was.  From there Dawn’s creative spirit went to work creating a really special bead embroidered necklace that Gen would be proud to pass down to her granddaughters. For the full story of how this beautiful necklace came into being, visit Dawn’s Blog.

If you would like Designs by Dawn Marie to design a special piece of custom beaded jewelry for you or a loved one, Contact Dawn to start a discussion.  If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry that is finished and ready to ship, visit the Online Store.  Dawn is happy to offer gift wrapping complimentary if this is for a gift.

custom beaded jewelry bead embroidery

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Finding the perfect gift is like having coffee already perked when you wake up! But even more importantly when that gift has such a deep meaning that it touches someone’s soul.  This piece of custom beaded jewelry was a special order from an employee to her boss, who was retiring from a domestic violence shelter for women.  Here’s what the daughter wrote to Designs by Dawn Marie:

Domestic Violence Awareness Custom Beaded Jewelry

Custom Order - Domestic Violence Awareness Jewelry

“I wasn’t sure if my mom found ya and emailed you but in the event she hasn’t I wanted to let you know her boss LOVED the necklace. She was amazed by the work and how beautiful it was. So thank you so much for being the one to make her smile. My mom couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful it was as well. She said “I seen the picture but its so much prettier in person.” Again thank you. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.” ~D.K. Janesville, WI

Awareness jewelry makes a great gift for someone so passionate about their cause.  Whether it is Breast Cancer Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, AIDS Awareness or Autism Awareness, creating something one of a kind is a gift they will treasure and wear with pride.


Designs by Dawn Marie custom made jewelryDawn Doucette, Artisan and Owner of Designs by Dawn Marie creates all of her artisan jewelry by hand, one piece at a time.  She really strives to bring the recipients personality into each design so they will wear it for years to come and it will have special meaning.  If you would like to have Dawn Marie create special custom made jewelry for you, contact her to discuss what you are looking for and let her creative artisan spirit get to work.

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This bracelet just evokes happiness… or makes you think of fall & pumpkin spice lattes. Either way, it’s all good!

Custom Beaded Jewelry Bracelet

Custom Designed from Clients Beads

“Just got the mail at work HOLY COW! Love my new super happy super fun bracelet! It’s beautiful and perfect and pretty and I am IN LOVE! Thank you once again for blowing me away!!!!”


This custom beaded bracelet is the beautiful result of teamwork.  The client saw a set of lampwork glass beads that she fell in love with.  However, she doesn’t make jewelry.  So she contacted Designs by Dawn Marie to ask Dawn if she’d design something one of a kind with this gorgeous set of beads.  Dawn received the beads sight unseen and chose colors within the beads to create a beautiful custom beaded bracelet.

If you have a set of beads or special pendant that you would like turned into a one-of-a-kind piece of art jewelry, contact Dawn.  She’ll work with you to create a very unique piece that showcases the treasures you’ve found.  Dawn’s specialty is bringing your individual personality into the handcrafted beaded jewelry she designs.

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Wire Crochet Bracelet“Love, love, love the bracelet. Love the energy and the time you took to create what sizzzl represented to you. It so resonates with me, my message, & sizzzl. Will take photos and post in the next couple of days. ♥” ~Suzy Manning, Sizzzl

About the Bracelet:

Suzy asked Designs by Dawn Marie to create a handmade beaded bracelet that would be representative of the Sizzzl Woman.  In designing the bracelet, Dawn Marie wanted to make sure that she understood exactly what Sizzzl represented.

She created a one of a kind design that Suzy agreed, represents the true Sizzzl woman. This bracelet is crocheted with a fine gauge chocolate wire. Bringing in the browns and earth-tones, it brings out the organic grounded side of the Sizzzl woman. It will keep her rooted in her actions, thoughts and daily life. Again bringing in an earthy nature element Dawn used accent beads made of wood. The heart on top represents the inner glow inherent in women. It’s beautiful, fragile, and it’s the pulse of the family. As women we balance so much, so this is a reminder that through anything, let your beautiful inner glow show through!

Upon receiving her package, the bracelet resonated with Suzy.  She left Dawn a message thrilled with the design.  The unique technique Dawn used to create the bracelet gave it the appearance of being woven, demonstrating how all our lives are woven together.  Suzy’s Sizzzl Bracelet will be available through her website on a custom order basis. Each piece will be one-of-a-kind and created by Designs by Dawn Marie.

“Suzy, I’m so thrilled my vision of the Sizzzl Woman resonated with you.  Each piece of handmade beaded jewelry I create is special, and truly from the heart.  To spread the love of all things empowering and beautiful with your Sizzzl ladies is a true honor.” ~Dawn Doucette, Designs by Dawn Marie

affordable custom made jewelry

If you are interested in learning more about Suzy Manning or Sizzzl, please visit Suzy’s website  Suzy works with women to help them to live each day with purpose and passion.  Be the Best YOU – Be Sizzzlicious!  Suzy specializes in bringing out that inner beauty in each one of us.

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Wire wrapped lampwork necklaceI love this set!  I ordered the beads without a real idea of what I wanted and had them shipped directly to Designs by Dawn Marie.  Never in my dreams would I have come up with something this incredible!

Every angle, every aspect, every inch of both the necklace and earrings are incredible.  Dawn took three beads and made a masterpiece.  I never expected a set this gorgeous!

You can see all of the time, effort, and love that went into this creation!


If you have a bead (or beads) that you just love, but have no idea what to make, or how to make it, contact Dawn.  She’ll take a look at your beloved beads and discuss your options with you.

To get a set made with lampwork glass beads similar to these artistic pieces, visit JulsBeads on Etsy.

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Squeeling in Delight!

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That’s what we could hear for miles around when Jenna opened her package from Designs by Dawn Marie.

Hey girl,
OH MY GOD!!!!!!  I just received my earrings and bracelet!!!!!  All I can say is WOW!  Gorgeous in pictures, but WAY better in person!  Your pictures, which are great, don’t do your pieces justice!!!!  I am so in love!!!!  I’m wearing the bracelet as I type this and can’t help but stare at its beauty!  It’s PERFECT!!!!!!!
You are such a stunning woman, inside and out, and every possible which way :)


Thanks Jenna for sharing your experience with Designs by Dawn Marie.  Dawn loves creating custom handmade beaded jewelry and when you asked for a bright bracelet in pink & purple, her creative wheels started turning.

We hope you enjoy your glass beaded earrings and your pink & purple beaded bracelet for years to come!  Feel free to stop back anytime, and as always your custom request is our specialty!

Glass Beaded Earrings

Crystal & Lampwork Glass Beaded Earrings

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Pearl Wrap Bracelet

Beautiful Pearl Bracelet

When you think of a handmade beaded bracelet, who’s the perfect recipient to receive the gift? This pearl bracelet found the perfect home…


“Just wanted to let you know my package arrived safely the other day. The bracelet is perfect for my MIL, as I hoped it would be. And the necklace is fabulous. I wasn’t sure if it would be too heavy, but it’s so nice and light and still has a good substantial look. I’m actually wearing the earrings right now. What a special surprise!! Thanks so much!
Hope you’re having a great weekend! Hugs.”
Christine, MO

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, please feel free to visit Design by Dawn Marie’s online store or contact Dawn Marie to discuss a custom order.  Dawn appreciates custom orders because she can design a special piece specifically for a certain personality!

Black Silver Pearl Necklace

Classic Black & Silver Necklace

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