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Wild & Funky Charm Necklace

Designing Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry as a custom order is one of my favorite ways to created jewelry. When I have the privilege of putting a face and personality on the designs I create the piece takes on that much more meaning and love.  Whether it’s a preferred color or style I can work with pretty much any desire.

Often times people e-mail me asking for a custom piece of handcrafted beaded jewelry as a gift for someone special.  I converse with them to learn a little bit about the person that will be receiving the gift to get to know them better.  This helps me design a piece that I know they will love and that fits the style of what they wear.

In some cases, people say “She’s wild and crazy, so the more colors the better.  Anything goes so have fun designing it Dawn.  I’ll leave it up to your imagination.”  And away my creativity does go.

Such was the case with this charm necklace.  This set was ordered as a gift for a wonderful woman.  She loves LOTS of color and likes big, chunky styled jewelry.  I chose to do a charm style because I could add tons of fun colors and different textures to the finished look.

I can’t wait to hear the squeals from both the gift giver and the recipient of this handmade beaded necklace.


If you like this style necklace and would like a custom design created for yourself or someone you care about, feel free to use the contact form above to send me an e-mail.  I’m happy to gift wrap and send directly to the recipient if you live far away from each other!

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Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Beaded Gemstone Jewelry

Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry is a great gift alternative that you can give, rather than shopping at the mall jewelry stores. The beauty of giving semi-precious gemstones is that you get more gemstone for the money.  And you have a much larger selection in affordable price ranges.

As a designer, I enjoy working with Semi-Precious Gemstones because there are so many options on the market.  Someone can give me a color scheme and I can create a one-of-a-kind piece of handmade beaded jewelry that your friend or loved one can wear for years to come.  Even more fun, is when someone tells me, “My friend has an August Birthday.  Can you create something in her birthstone?”

Indeed I can!  Peridot is the official birthstone of August.  It’s beautiful light green color is the perfect summer shade.  While the peridot jewelry you see in mall jewelry stores starts at $50 and gets much, much more expensive for faceted gemstones.  As a jewelry artisan, I utilize peridot nuggets, and peridot chips to create a vibrant pop of color.  This gives you more gemstone jewelry for the money.

What other gemstones do you have access too?

The list is endless!  Amethyst & garnets are also popular birthstones.  But not just birthstones are popular.  Turquoise, jade, quart (which comes in a whole host of colors) lapis lazuli, goldstone and so, so many more.  When you’re working with semi-precious gemstone beads, you can get a variety of shapes & sizes as well.  Therefore whatever you’re looking for and want designed, is absolutely possible when creating semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

Gemstone Dangle Earrings

If you’re looking to have something special created, use the contact form above to get in touch.  I’m happy to help you turn your ideas and desires into a custom designed piece of gemstone jewelry just for you!

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