Wire Wrapping Jewelry

Wire wrapping jewelry crystal bridesmaid jewelry

Wire-Wrapped Aqua Crystal Necklace

Wire wrapping jewelry is a style of designing artisan beaded jewelry that has been popular for years.  Using various thicknesses of wire, artisans bend, twist and curl the wire to make exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs.  The beauty behind wire wrapped jewelry is that you can take a plain cabachon, tumbled stone, or piece beach glass and turn it into an absolutely gorgeous pendant using your hands and some skillful work with your pliers.

Wire wrapped jewelry is popular for many different reasons.  You can add extra pizazz to a basic chain necklace, you can create personality on simple pendants and stones, you can design your own links to create handmade wire jewelry.  Wire wrapping jewelry is also the way I started designing jewelry.

When I first started creating jewelry, I wasn’t sure which direction or style of artisan crafted jewelry I wanted to create.  Nor did I have any idea at the amount of beautiful beads, crystals, chains, and more supplies that were available.  All I saw was an inspiration in my mind and from there it snowballed into the company and designs I have today.

Each necklace, earrings or bracelet turn out unique when wire wrapping jewelry.  If you’re curious about wire wrapped jewelry or want to give it a try, here’s the first book I purchased off of Amazon.  It has wonderful illustrated step-by-step directions for wire wrapping.  The projects are also incredibly wearable, not to trendy that they will go out of style!  I encourage you, give wire wrapping a try!  You just might find that it’s fun and you enjoy sharing your creative energies!

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